Company nameKeisou International, Inc.
RepresentativeRyo Tominaga
Date of establishmentApril 25, 2019
Address of Head Office〒101-0032
2-8-2 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone number03-5823-2970(Main phone)
FAX number03-5823-2971
US subsidiaryCompany name:Keisou International,Inc.
Address:439 North 11th Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 USA
Businesses・Construction, civil engineering, construction material sales
・Interior design business
・Real estate and consulting
・Food sales, restaurant management
・Insurance agency business
・Management of hospitals and clinics, and medical equipment sales
・Office equipment sales and intermediary business
・Linen supply
・Building management
・Securities holding and management
・Worker dispatch business
・Consulting for planning, design and opening of new businesses
・Software development
・Information provision services
・Online mail order business
・Event planning